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Defi + Metaverse = MetaFi (ūüĆĆ,ūüĆĆ)

Braavos is a community owned reserve currency guarding the Metaverse.


Available end of January on Copper

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Multisig & KYC partner

Working towards a new economy

Unlocking the value in the Metaverse through DeFi

We believe a creating sustainable and fair economy within the metaverse requires it to be decentralized. Braavos DAO creates a currency backed by metaverse-native assets that is able to  constantly grow purchasing power despite market conditions.

Bond metaverse related assets

Creating bonds creates revenue for the Treasury and allows you to get BRAVO at a discount.

Accrue value through staking

Locking BRAVO tokens earns you compounded yields from bond proceeds.

Backed by intrinsic value

Treasury inflow is used to increase treasury balance, to back outstanding BRAVO tokens and regulate staking APY.

"We propose that the majority of growth in DeFi will not be driven by CeFi but instead how it unlocks value in the Metaverse through what we call MetaFi"

Jamie Burke, CEO Outlier Ventures

Powering sustainable growth

Braavos mission is to provide stability and promote mass-adoption of the Metaverse

We believe a creating sustainable and fair economy within the metaverse requires it to be decentralized. Braavos DAO creates a currency backed by metaverse-native assets that is able to  constantly grow purchasing power despite market conditions.


Staking APY


5-Day ROI


Runway Available


Total Value Locked

Statistics DEPEND ON FUNDS REAISED AND STAKING RATIO and will be available after launch in Q1 2022
The Tokenomics of Braavos

Fair launched and no pre-mint

Our mission is reflected in the tokenomics of Braavos DAO. There is no premint, and every BRAVO is backed by at least one FRAX.











Jan 2022


Initial Discord Offering

Tokens will be minted in multiple waves, the first one being the IDO. A total of 100,000 tokens will be distributed over the total amount of vested participants.

Launch on Copper

The second minting wave will be the tokens for the launch of Copper. Up to 250,000 tokens will be minted for this wave depending of the amount of collatoral raised during the IDO.

Team & Advisors

All team members, advisors and partners have a combined allocation of 12,5% of the total circulating supply through pBRAVO tokens which is vested over time. Each token always being backed by one FRAX.

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Q4 2021
Announcement of BraavosDAO and attract early-adopters
Q4 2021
Whitelisting for Discord & Twitter users started
Q4 2021
Multisig & KYC with Blockchain Investments & Co
Q4 2021
Initial Listing on Coinmarketcap
Q4 2021
Release of first version of DApp for IDO
Q4 2021
IDO for whitelisted participants to raise collateral for Copper launch
Q1 2022
Start of expanding the community through an active marketing campaign
Q1 2022
Forging partnerships with influencers and other projects sharing similar ideals
Q1 2022
Fair Launch on Copper
Q1 2022
Launch of bonding and staking in the DApp
Q1 2022
Initial Liquidity pool on Quickswap
Q2 2022
CertiK auditing of all contracts
Q2 2022 & Beyond
Introducing bonding of Metaverse assets

The team behind Braavos DAO

Silicon Bravi
Lead Developer

Active in crypto since 2010. Has a background in Artificial Intelligence and has worked in engineering, finance, and big non-profit public organizations as a software developer, lead developer, and innovation lead.

Golden Bravi
Neo of Crypto

Active in crypto since 2014. Has a professional background in trading various assets. He guides the Braavos team through the complex market dynamics and ensures our token is liquid, tradeable, and accessible.

Obsidian Bravi
Legal / Community

Active in crypto since 2016. After his law study (LLM), he has worked for notable law firms, followed by a world-class financial institution, specializing in compliance for large corporate clients.

Iron Bravi
Chief of Tokenomics

Active in crypto since 2013 and packed with a strong belief in blockchain technology and the Metaverse. He has a background as an entrepreneur, macro-economic analyst, and consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the team done KYC?

Yes, the team was fully KYC'ed by the Multisig partner Blockchain Investments & Co.

When will the launch on Copper take place?

The Copper launch will take place in early 2022. After the IDO has taken place and the Copper submission has been approved, the exact date will be set. We aim for the end of January.

How many Bravo will I receive?

This will depend on the allocation you chose (1000 USDC or 500 USDC) and on how many participants there were during the IDO. 100,000 tokens will be distributed amongst the vested participants pro rata.

What is Copper Launch?

Copper Launch is our fair launch event where our token will go public for the first time. Read more information on Copper and how it works here.

What does the team get for all their work and for making this happen?

The original Braavos DAO team only has pBRAVO. A sort of call option. These are fully vested tokens that can never be claimed for more than 10% of the total circulating supply and will always be redeemded with a FRAX to the treasury.

How do we know the team will not rug?

The team of Braavos DAO has integrated multiple checks and balances to give the community the most trustworthy options possible. Including: A public Multisig, completed KYC, full transparency, 24/7 AMA in Discord, and to be frank; Aside from the moral aspect, it would just not be worth the effort and risk involved. The team behind Braavos DAO have professional careers and are not driven by short term gains. A fully working project with a great premise like Braavos DAO will generate way more than approx. USD 500,000 in the long-term. So Pulling the Rug would be a stupid move.

How much expected collateral will the IDO raise?

The total number of members that registered before the IDO is approximately 900. If every whitelisted member would partake as planned, the max. Raised allocation would be $800.000. However, we expect a bare minimum of 250,000 USD raised collateral to make sure for a solid price discovery on Copper.

Where can I Get Bravo / How do I Join?

If you were whitelisted before the IDO, you can now vest your allocation via the DApp. If you’ve missed the IDO, don’t worry, you can join us during our Copper launch which is expected in early 2022.

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